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  • Application of Heat Treatment Technology

    20 Oct 2017

    (1) expanded the scope of application of GCr15 steel Generally GCr15 steel M quenching ring effective wall thickness below 12mm, but BL quenching due to nitrate cooling capacity, if the use of mixing, trolling, adding water and other measures, ring effective wall thickness can be expanded to about ...

  • Heat treatment development process(一)

    09 Oct 2017

    Heat treatment Production of waste water, waste gas, waste salt, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation will cause pollution to the environment. To solve the heat treatment of environmental pollution problems, the implementation of clean heat treatment (or green environmental heat treatment) is t...

  • The steps and techniques of pretreatment of thermal spray surface are briefly described

    22 Sep 2017

    Thermal pretreatment of the surface pretreatment is generally divided into surface pre-processing, surface cleaning and surface roughening (or activation) three steps to carry out.

  • Peripheral surface spraying process points

    15 Sep 2017

    And the shaft part of the same spraying, the coating shrinkage force so that the coating tighten the matrix, is conducive to the binding strength of the Bureau, the pit body heat temperature to take the lower limit, spraying process, the workpiece temperature to more than 250 ℃, must also explain th...

  • Key points of large-scale equipment guide

    08 Sep 2017

    1.with the flame for low-temperature local baking, the workpiece temperature of about 80-100 ℃, with the grill to wipe with grease, so repeated several times, and then use high-power spray guns quickly spray. 2.using solvent cleaning or brush plating treatment, and then use the flame baking, and th...

  • An effective method of extending tool life

    02 Sep 2017

    After the success of the tap, the method is applied to all cutting tools. Although the effect of extending the life of various tools is not consistent, the results are still encouraging. By cutting the cutting edge at the beginning or after each machining cycle, the tool life can be increased by 2-4...

  • An effective way to extend tooling life(二)

    25 Aug 2017

    Subsequently, a mechanism was proposed for mechanical operation - brushing the tap with bristles with nylon bristles, and this operation must be carried out at each tapping cycle. In order to avoid wasting the tapping cycle in the machining center, the nylon brush is mounted on the fixture and progr...

  • An effective way to extend tool life(一)

    18 Aug 2017

    As component manufacturers continue to increase productivity, customers often make annual requests to reduce the price of finished parts, which poses a challenge to the profit margins of component manufacturers. For their own survival and development, parts manufacturers must spare no effort to redu...

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