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  • Notification of Change of company name and Bank Information

    09 Dec 2019

    Notification of Change of company name and Bank Information

  • Current Status and Development Trend of Rapid Spray Tool Manufacturing Technology

    29 Jan 2018

    Rapid prototyping and manufacturing (RPM: Rapid Prototvfolng & amp; Manufacturing) is a stratified-stacking technology that integrates laser, carbide powder raw materials science, information and control technology and is the most significant advance in manufacturing technology in the second half of...

  • Effect and Application Range of Thermal Sprayed Alloy Powder

    25 Dec 2017

    Thermal spraying is a kind of surface strengthening technology, which has always been a new technology project promoted by our country. It uses electric arc, plasma arc, gas-oxygen and other forms of heat source, the metal or non-metallic materials heated to melt or semi-molten state, and in the hig...

  • Spray plastic materials and modified materials

    20 Dec 2017

    (1) plastic materials for spraying A variety of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, nylon, etc., and thermosetting materials such as epoxy resin can be used for spraying. (2) modified materials In plastic spraying, to improve the physical, mechanical, chemical and optical properties of ...

  • Application of plastic flame spraying

    12 Dec 2017

    1, restore the size of wear parts Various shaft parts installed rolling bearing parts, bearing housing housing box, governor thrust disc wear, the wear parts can be sprayed with nylon or plastic cover to restore the wear parts size of. 2, anti-wear materials for bearings in a variety of sliding bea...

  • Plastic spraying technology features

    04 Dec 2017

    Plastic spraying and other spray technology and other spray process, compared with the following characteristics; 1, simple equipment does not require large-scale equipment and special machines, ovens and so on. 2, the process is simple, easy to grasp Plastic flame spraying process is simple, low ...

  • Plastic flame spraying technology introduction

    27 Nov 2017

    Plastic flame spraying is a kind of spraying technology that forms a coating by spraying powder onto the surface of a workpiece after the powder is heated to a molten state by a flame of a spray gun. Plastic flame spraying is mainly used to improve the physical, chemical and mechanical properties o...

  • Surface Treatment Knowledge Hall: Introduction to thermal spraying

    20 Nov 2017

    Thermal Spray is a kind of surface strengthening technology, which is an important part of surface engineering technology and has always been a new technology project promoted by our country.It is the use of some kind of heat source (such as arc, plasma spray or combustion flame) Or filiform metalli...

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