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  • WC carbon content on the properties of WC - Co carbide impact study(一)

    23 Jun 2017

    At present, the research on WC material effect on the properties of alloy has become a research direction,improve the carbide for WC raw material production factory, can provide users with high-quality raw materials is currently a major issue.Through domestic related information and related experim...

  • TiC-based steel-bonded cemented carbide characteristic

    16 Jun 2017

    TiC-based steel-bonded cemented carbide can be combined with high manganese steel stope stability,with good tissue compatibility, has a unique performance,can form a matrix will not fall off.Inlaid TiC-based cemented carbide high manganese steel castings,wear resistance can be significantly improved...

  • TiC inserts with a common work hardening characteristics

    09 Jun 2017

    TiC inserts with a common work hardening characteristics,chromium-based TiC-based cemented carbide and high manganese steel composite casting, the processing of hardening speed, can quickly form a high hardness of the hardened hardening layer, the impact of abrasive wear capacity Increase the range.

  • TiC-based steel bonded carbide and high manganese steel has a good moisturizing effect

    02 Jun 2017

    TiC-based cemented carbide and high manganese steel have Fe,Mn and other common components,the alloy surface to form a coating structure Mo2C,can improve its wet with the steel matrix,through the quenching, the alloy steel matrix into Martensite and a small amount of retained austenite,alloy hardnes...

  • Warmly welcome the Germany customers to our company visit

    26 May 2017

    May 20, Germany,crusher hammer manufacturing Co., Ltd. came to our factory Changsha Langfeng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.,company leaders and all staff Of the warm welcome.Customers in the company office,the company leader and technical staff,for the Langfeng metal carbide powder products,pay attentio...

  • Definition of Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Industry

    13 May 2017

    Powder metallurgy is a branch of metallurgy and materials science, is to manufacture metal powder and metal carbide powder (including mixed with a small amount of non-metallic powder) as raw materials, forming - sintering method of manufacturing materials and products industry.

  • Synthesis of fine - grained diamond with carbide powder catalyst

    04 May 2017

    Synthesis of fine - grained diamond with metal carbide powder catalyst,the chemical composition is (weight):C:1~20%,Mn:0~20%Co: 0~4%,the balance is nickel and trace impurities.

  • How the powder metallurgy is energy efficient

    19 Apr 2017

    Powder metallurgy is based on powder as a raw material through a series of processes to produce materials or finished products, generally include two parts: 1, with metal powder (or add other non-metallic raw materials) as the basic raw material, after mixing, forming and sintering Manufacture of po...

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