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Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • promise microwave applications

    26 Sep 2018

    promise microwave applications

  • Thick coating improves the service life of indexable inserts

    14 Mar 2018

    After nearly a decade, it is finally possible to first try a pvd coating with a thickness of 8 μm.This technology has been used very successfully on indexable blades, and this pvd technology has opened up a vast application space for itself. This thick pvd coating was successfully developed by Cemec...

  • Surface pretreatment techniques for thermal spray technology

    02 Jan 2018

    Thermal spray surface preparation is generally divided into surface preparation, surface cleaning and surface roughening (or activation) in three steps. 1 surface pre-processing Its purpose: First, the workpiece surface suitable for coating deposition, increase the bonding area; the second is to o...

  • Surface Treatment Engineering and Thermal Spray Technology Features and Development

    22 Dec 2017

    Surface engineering is the surface pretreatment, through surface coating, surface modification or a variety of surface engineering composite processing, changing the solid metal surface and non-metallic surface morphology, chemical composition and structure and stress state to obtain the required Sy...

  • Application of Tool Coating in Shaft Machining

    21 Dec 2017

    Steyr through the shaft for the bridge on the important transmission parts,transmitted to the role of the rear drive axle.The quality of a direct impact on vehicle quality is normal or not.Input spline original drawing structure for the rectangular spline, processing technology: rolling rectangular ...

  • Heat treatment of high strength fasteners according to technical requirements have to be quenched and tempered

    19 Dec 2017

    Heat treatment of high strength fasteners according to technical requirements have to be quenched and tempered. Heat treatment quenching is to improve the overall mechanical properties of fasteners to meet the product requirements of the tensile strength value and yield ratio. Heat treatment process...

  • Threaded bolt thread commonly used in cold working

    18 Dec 2017

    Threaded bolt thread commonly used in cold processing, so that a certain diameter range of the thread blank through the rub (roll) wire (die), from the wire (roller) pressure to thread forming. It is widely used to obtain that the plastic flow line of the thread portion is not cut off, the strength ...

  • Cold forging usually

    15 Dec 2017

    Forming the head of the bolt adopts cold heading plastic processing. Compared with cutting, the metal fiber (metal wire) is continuous along the shape of the product with no cutting in the middle, thus improving the product strength, especially the excellent mechanical property. Cold heading forming...

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