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Technical Topics
Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • Upsetting forming ability

    13 Dec 2017

    Ball (softened) annealed countersunk head screw, hex socket head cap bolts cold forging process, the original organization of steel will directly affect the forming ability of cold heading. Cold heading process in the local area of ​​plastic deformation up to 60% -80%, for which the requirements of ...

  • Bolt heat treatment method

    08 Dec 2017

    Bolt processing technology: hot-rolled rod - (cold dial) - ball (softening) annealing - mechanical descaling - pickling - cold dial - cold forging - thread processing - heat treatment - a test, the design of steel fasteners Manufacturing, the correct choice of fastener material is an important part,...

  • Arc spraying process introduction

    07 Dec 2017

    The arc spraying process uses two filamentous metal spray materials. The two wires are respectively connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply (the power supply is a safe voltage lower than 36V), and the wire is automatically, evenly and continuously fed through the wire feedin...

  • New Development of Arc Spraying Technology-Metal arc spraying

    06 Dec 2017

    Metal spraying is the use of compressed gas to melt the molten metal into particles, spray deposited on the surface of the workpiece prepared in advance to form a complete metal coating. In general, there are three main uses of metal spraying

  • New Development of Arc Spraying Technology-Droplet speed

    05 Dec 2017

    High-speed arc spraying technology (HVAS) is an advanced thermal spraying technology developed in the 1990s. Its rapid droplet flight speed (up to 350m / s) and further improvement of the atomization effect make it possible to produce high-temperature Similar high bonding strength, low porosity and ...

  • Arc spraying equipment features

    01 Dec 2017

    Arc spraying equipment with spray coating quality, high density, strong binding, spraying efficiency, energy efficient, easy and safe operation, spraying zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metal wire, used in a variety of anti-corrosion Engineering and mechanical maintenance.

  • Thermal spray atomization method of making alloy powder equipment(二)

    30 Nov 2017

    Drying device, the main far-infrared heating furnace, vacuum drying furnace, baking powder plate, powder rake, spoon, funnel, car, flour bucket and so on. Packaging equipment: The main screening machine, pounds, balers, blenders, bottled nitrogen, (for the easy oxidation of metal powder protection,...

  • Thermal spray atomization method of making alloy powder equipment

    29 Nov 2017

    For thermal spraying of metal powder equipment, there are various combinations, with an annual output of 100 tons to 200 tons of alloy powder production system, for example, the equipment investment of 300,000 or so, mainly to use the following equipment: IF power and melting furnace, which is the ...

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