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Technical Topics
Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • The surface quality of the tool should be improved before coating

    17 Oct 2017

    In order to improve the quality of cutting tools and die, often in the tool and die coated with so-called hard coating. This coating is applied using a physical vapor deposition process (PVD) or by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). With the help of hard coating can improve the durability of the tool ...

  • Advantages and Development of Thermal Spraying Technology

    16 Oct 2017

    Overview Thermal spraying is a repair and pre-protection technology, with the development and improvement of modern technology, industrial production equipment and mechanical components of the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. The whole casting or forging more expensive metals,...

  • Thermal sprayed metal ladder coating ccontrast with commonly used spraying technology and test

    13 Oct 2017

    Since the establishment of a company since 1975, its steel structure spray zinc anti-corrosion process many awards, long in the Yangtze River Gezhouba, Gansu Bikou power station, the National Sports Center in Senegal dozens of major projects at home and abroad to undertake steel structure spray zinc...

  • Anti - corrosion technology of thermal spraying metal ladder coating application

    13 Oct 2017

    The national key project Huaihe River into the sea waterfront coastal interchange to Han water steel structure corrosion application of the technology. 1 selection According to the design requirements, zinc wire is used in Shanghai produced 3mm, purity 99.99%, melting point of 420 ℃. Appearance b...

  • Hot Spraying Metal Ladder Coating Process

    11 Oct 2017

    steel surface treatment: thermal spray metal ladder coating anti-corrosion process of rust and rough spray and spray zinc, spray stainless steel coating, first by the air compressor to provide sandblasting power. In the role of compressed air, will be screened with the edges and corners of the quart...

  • Anti - corrosion technology of thermal spraying metal ladder coating

    10 Oct 2017

    Metal thermal spraying is the use of some form of heat source to heat the metal coating material to form a molten state of the particles, the particles under the action of power, at a certain rate of impact and deposition on the surface of the substrate to form a certain characteristics Metal coatin...

  • Thermal spraying technology development and application

    09 Oct 2017

    With the continuous progress of science and technology,some other coating manufacturing technologies such as magnetron sputtering,chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition,laser spraying has also made considerable progress,with these technologies to produce coatings in certain properties....

  • Thermal spray applications-other application areas

    30 Sep 2017

    Thermal spray applications include almost all of the industrial production sector, in addition to the previously described in the automotive and mold industry and the well-known in the aviation, navigation, textile, machinery and other applications, but also quickly expanded to other areas. Such as ...

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