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Technical Topics
Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • Thermal spray applications-Mold

    28 Sep 2017

    At present, the thermal spray application research is more rapid prototyping technology. This is a hot spray metal materials or welding metal to produce the entire parts of the technology, the spraying process is mainly arc spraying. The process can be obtained in any shape of the parts, so some peo...

  • Thermal spray applications

    27 Sep 2017

    As the thermal coating can provide a variety of performance coating, so this process has been widespread attention in the industry. At present, the thermal spray application areas of the most research is the automotive industry and mold industry.

  • Flame spray

    26 Sep 2017

    Conventional flame spraying is the use of flammable gas combustion flame as a heat source, the spray material heated to melt and spray onto the substrate surface to form a coating. Now, for the flame spraying process, equipment development, and constantly develop a new flame spraying method. High sp...

  • Arc spraying

    25 Sep 2017

    Arc spraying is an economical and reliable thermal spraying process. Spraying materials are generally limited to metals and alloys and can be sprayed against a wide range of substrates. Applications include wear-resistant coating, structural anti-corrosion coating and wear parts repair, the future m...

  • Plasma spraying

    22 Sep 2017

    As the plasma spray can spray almost a variety of materials, and the process is simple, good combination of coating and matrix, it has been widely used. However, the control of a large number of parameters related to the spraying process is more complicated and becomes the main obstacle to the high ...

  • Development and Application of Thermal Spraying Technology in Foreign Countries

    21 Sep 2017

    The world 's leading thermal spraying technology company Thermal spraying technology has been developing for more than 50 years. Because it has an important role in the industry, which appeared a large number of large and small companies. However, due to the recent development of the global economy...

  • How to determine the proportion of tantalum and niobium(二)

    20 Sep 2017

    Such as the weight of the replacement, then the equivalent of the original design of the brand to increase the content of tantalum, leaving the alloy brittle, which is widely believed that niobium tantalum alloy brittle reasons. Because of this, I have done a lot of experiments, and in practice the ...

  • How to determine the proportion of tantalum and niobium

    18 Sep 2017

    There are a series of tantalum-containing alloys such as YW1, YW2, YW3, YS25, YS30, and the 798 Zigong Plant in Zhuzhou, all of which have been approved for a long time. Production process tends to improve. But imagine that if you add tantalum to these grades, the alloy will obviously become more br...

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