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Technical Topics
Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • The role of tantalum niobium in alloy

    15 Sep 2017

    In the cemented carbide, our most commonly used three functions of tantalum and niobium is to inhibit grain growth, improve alloy red hardness and fatigue resistance. We must understand that the characteristics of the tantalum and niobium comparison, is basically a comparison of the two elements. Si...

  • Briefly Similarity and Personality of Tantalum and niobium

    14 Sep 2017

    Tantalum and niobium are the same family of elements,the outermost electrons are the same,and the chemical activity is basically the same.Tantalum and niobium are the core structure,lattice constant is close to their thermal conductivity,linear expansion coefficient are also very close. In addition,...

  • The feasibility of producing cemented carbide with niobium tantalum is discussed in detail

    13 Sep 2017

    In recent years due to tantalum raw material water up, so that the price of tantalum containing alloy all the way up. But because people think that the role of tantalum in the carbide can not be replaced with other raw materials, so the face of the price rise is seem powerless. We know that the mate...

  • Advantages and disadvantages of high - speed gas spraying technology and its use

    12 Sep 2017

    The most prominent advantage of high-speed gas spraying is the ability to spray high-quality tungsten carbide coatings. Coating is dense, high bonding strength, low oxide content. It is used in aviation and space technology, pumps and compressor shafts, valves, sealing surfaces, papermaking rollers,...

  • High-speed gas spraying technology process characteristics

    11 Sep 2017

    High-speed gas spraying technology process characteristicsThe gas velocity at the time of high-speed gas spraying reported in the reference is 1370 to 2930 m / s. Corresponding to the spray particle f

  • High-speed gas spraying technology

    08 Sep 2017

    1 technical content and technical key 1) high-speed gas spraying equipment High-speed gas spraying equipment is not complicated,it consists of spray gun,powder feeder, control system and gas supply system and other components. 1 - supersonic flame 2 - cooling water 3 - nozzle 4 - combustion chamb...

  • The characteristics of arc spraying

    07 Sep 2017

    1, long life preservative, other anti-corrosion methods can not be compared, a corrosion, once and for all. 2, equipment and raw materials made up to 100%, the process is simple. Compared with hot dip zinc, arc spray flexible and convenient, a set of equipment for different shapes and sizes of part...

  • Arc Spraying Technology

    06 Sep 2017

    In the 1980s, the arc spraying technology of some industrial developed countries such as the United States and Germany has been greatly developed, and the quality of coating has been greatly improved, which has promoted the extensive application of arc spraying technology in industry. At present, th...

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