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Changsha Langfeng metallic material CO.,Ltd technical topics
  • Characteristics, Technology and Advantages of Arc Spraying Technology

    05 Sep 2017

    At present, the arc spraying technology in the country has been the attention of many departments, is being more and more widely used. Arc spraying technology can be applied to corrosion, wear, decoration and the formation of special functional coatings and other fields, especially in the field of c...

  • Thermal Spraying Technology introduction(二)

    04 Sep 2017

    China's thermal spraying technology is from the fifties began, when Wu Jianchun and Zhang Guobao in Shanghai set up the first domestic specialized spraying plant, the development of oxygen acetylene flame spray and spray device, and carry out metal spraying business. China's thermal spraying technol...

  • Introduction to Thermal Spraying Technology

    01 Sep 2017

    Overview Thermal spraying is a repair and pre-protection technology, with the development and improvement of modern technology, industrial production equipment and mechanical components of the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. The whole casting or forging more expensive metals,...

  • Study on High - speed Arc Spraying of Aluminum - based Alumina

    31 Aug 2017

    The anti-skid handling of the ship's main deck has always been one of the problems that plagued us. Many steel structures and components on the ship,such as the top deck, equipment and equipment handling area, personnel activities corridor, helicopter deck piles and other parts of the anti-skid surf...

  • Application of Thermal Spraying Technology in Remanufacturing Engineering

    30 Aug 2017

    Remanufacturing projects require specific key technologies as support. Advanced surface engineering, as well as nano-surface engineering technology is one of the most important key technologies in remanufacturing. Thermal spraying technology is an important component of (nano) surface engineering. I...

  • Thermal Spraying Technology in Remanufacturing Engineering

    29 Aug 2017

    The connotation of remanufacturing project: Remanufacturing project is the product life cycle theory as a guide to waste products to achieve leapfrog development as the goal, to high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, materials, environmental protection as a criterion to advanced technology a...

  • Spray zinc, spray aluminum technology and similar performance comparison (hot-dip galvanizing process)

    28 Aug 2017

    hot-dip galvanizing process pretreatment using pickling, phosphating process, the surface of the workpiece will be acid, lye residue, leaving a hidden risk of corrosion, so that hot galvanized layer prone to fall off. Sprayed zinc, sprayed aluminum pretreatment using sandblasting process, so the wor...

  • The thermal spraying zinc aluminum typical anticorrosion coating application(二)

    25 Aug 2017

    Water resistant corrosion coating: Steel water gate is a hydropower station, the main control of water in the reservoir of steel structure, it is part of the long-term immersion in water, the surface by microbial erosion (such as nail scorpion adsorption, the excrement was acidic). The other part o...

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